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The Redmi note 10 brand was founded in 2008 by a group of engineers, who wanted to give the world a new generation of devices that were not only reliable but also affordable. Since then, their lineup has grown from budget offerings to top-of-the-line flagships. This article is about my personal experience with the Redmi Note 10 and how I used it for everything. It's a bit more expensive than other iPhones, and some things are overpriced and therefore unnecessary in this case. You may find additional reviews on Xiaomi products here.

redmi note 10

My Experience With Redmi Note 10

Redmi Note 9 Pro - $700 (available at Amazon)

I had two experiences with Redmi Note 9 series with different types of situations. Let’s first be honest, you can get very good phones under its price range. When I bought Redmi Note 9, I thought it would have all the features, and the best parts of a phone. They had just released Android 11 version 5.0 (in beta), which turned out to be really nice, except one thing: there are still three storage configurations. After a week or so, my friend gave an option for me to buy the 6GB/128GB variant only; after that, if I needed RAM more, I could use 128GB, which I did.

6GB / 128 GB – $599 (available at Amazon)

To me, this model represented solid value for money, as the main screen is bigger, it has better camera, more RAM and longer lifecycle. But, this model does not satisfy those issues, because we do not have 3GB of storage. Moreover, this phone does not support both 4K and HD+.

8GB + 128 GB – $629 (available at Amazon)

The size of the 8GB variant is even smaller, but I personally felt comfortable buying it in the regular configuration. Maybe because you’re concerned about the memory because you read too much on your device? It doesn’t matter, most users like a little extra space, extra memory and extra functions. And it sounds like they don’t care about these issues when using it for gaming and photography. However, this model gives us 12GB more memory than the previous version. So you can run older applications in this phone and let them run without worrying about running out of space. This phone supports both 4K and HD video. In addition to these issues, the fingerprint scanner is not great and neither the physical button. There is just one SD card slot and no microSD slot.

8 GB + 256GB – $749 (available at Amazon)

First question: Does a note like this need 256 GB? Well, yes it should. My friend also told me about this configuration. Thanks, he said it could be a problem for many other users. But he didn’t tell me what problems he had. After reading all that information on Google, Apple, Google’s partners and others, it seemed like this model did not fit in my pocket. Maybe next year, the manufacturers will release another “note” model with 16GB RAM and a few changes in this category. If you want to take advantage of more storage, buy this model instead of any other.

8 GB + 256GB – $749 (available at Amazon)

Second, this product comes with an internal speaker, but sadly, there is no external speakers. So it is almost impossible to listen to music with your earphone. Nevertheless, it sounds okay for the purpose, it works nicely.

The biggest drawback of this model is again the lack of USB, which we have in our Note 9 models. Nowadays, the market changed dramatically from only 2GB to 8GB memory. I believe it has already been surpassed and the market can grow to 14.3GB memory or 64GB memory. For example, if you have an iPhone X, you can replace its memory with two RAM chips. That is what our Note model should have. A Note 10 can also act as an iPod Touch – you can open up files and the data will be saved. Even if this model does not work well for your purposes, you can do it and have a nice future.

Note 9 Pro - $1,099.99(available at Walmart)

It has always been known as a high-end smartphone with flagship performance, but the Black Friday sale revealed the truth to this statement. On November 26 for the purchase or lease of Redmi Note 9 Pro, you can get up to 1TB of storage – this kind of model is known as “note 9 pro”, although there are similar cases.

This smartphone has a large battery as well. Compared to 6GB/128GB variant, it lasts around eight hours of usage. In addition to this, it has four cameras, including 48 megapixel shooter. One important difference between this model and other ones: the device supports fast charging. As soon as you plug it into charge, the power of this phone becomes available. We can see a huge screen that offers excellent image quality.

5G connectivity is also present as possible, although this variant has less storage. Not only 3 GB to avoid data loss, but 5GB is enough to avoid buffering. But there is no mention about Wi-Fi, 4G LTE + Bluetooth. What is supposed to happen is we can connect with the nearby network through the Internet connection and then connect it through the charger.

6GB + 128 GB – $1,149.99(available at Best Buy)

I think you could get this configuration in the same way, but I thought it was overkill for everyone who doesn’t prefer memory. Because most of the people like to play games and do lots of multimedia tasks, like watching movies, reading and doing a lot of social media, etc. I think this model is suitable for you. If you’re looking for a high-end performer, there is nothing wrong with you. And if you have to pay attention to its processor, 4/4.5 GHz, you can enjoy faster speed. On the other hand, if you know it’s necessary or you’re serious about the speed, go for 6GB or 128 GB variant. But I don’t think this model is a must-have for everybody. Of course, this model does not have a big screen. It is true that the display can improve photos and video quality. If you want to spend less time on scrolling, you can buy this model. As far as the fingerprint scanner is concerned, this model has two of them and none of them are good enough. To my mind, it is better to have a small touch scanner. Its rear camera is amazing, so congratulations! Although everything seems to be perfect to me.

6GB+256GB - $1,299.99

This model has an interesting design. At least a single color. Yes, it looks like a traditional handset. It is a classic style, complete with a simple design. Despite the small size, it can hold a full charge. The key has a nice smooth feeling, and it feels secure. Everything is fine, but everything is small to fit it in my pockets. Unfortunately, this model is quite hard to sell as there are limited quantities available. We recommend you to try this model before buying a larger model.

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